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We can all agree that a puppy that is dressed to kill, especially one that is looking all dapper in a highly fashionable outfit, is an adorable sight to behold. These days, dogs are not only catered to food- and toy-wise, but their wardrobe is also fast becoming a symbol of style. 

Dog owners have taken to upgrading their dog’s wardrobe with classy and top-notch wears and accessories that can give humans a run for their money, and we love to see it. From high-end designer clothes, sweaters, and jackets to luxury collars, leashes, harnesses, boots, etc., here are some bougie accessories that will definitely make your puppy stand out at the dog park and everywhere else.

  • It's practically impossible to own a dog and not purchase collars and leashes. They are a staple in every dog home because they are one of the basic things needed for dog care. With that said, you can turn up the heat with eye-catching designer dog collars such as: 

    • Cali Crystallized Soft Leather Dog Collar: Not only is this dog collar colorful, but it features shiny crystals, which give it a blingy and attractive look. It is made with quality leather, has a metallic, gold-colored buckle, and comes in different sizes and colors to fit all dogs. 
    • Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Collar: This designer dog collar is made with natural leather backing, has a monogrammed canvas and golden brass pieces. It is a perfect collar to glam up the look of your dog.
    • La Jeune Tulipe Dog collar: This exquisite dog collar comes with a 1.52-carat marquise cut diamond as the centerpiece and is surrounded by other hand-cut diamonds in different attractive shapes. With this custom-made collar, embellished with real diamonds, make your dog the cynosure of all eyes whenever y'all step out. It's certainly pricey, but I believe your dear puppy is worth it.
    • XOX Trolls Glitter Dog Leash: This leash is enough to draw all the attention to your puppy. It is glittery, shiny, and colorful with a gold-tone hook. It measures 45.8 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width. It weighs 2.88 ounces and is just the right leash to make a statement.

  • Fashion inclined dog owners love for their fashion senses to reflect on their pets, and although some of these wears are functional, most of them are just fashionable and for the glitz and glam. If you are one of those dog owners who are fashion-forward, I bet you'll love some of these clothes:

    • Fitwarm Leopard Dog Party Dress: An animal print-inspired dress always makes a statement. It is no different for this lovely leopard print dress in pink and gold color. It is made from breathable fabric so your pet is comfortable while wearing it, and movement is not impeded. With the satin bow atop it, this dress is perfect for party wear as it exudes style and is effortlessly chic. 
    • Oui Oui So Pretty: This fashionable dress is made from soft material. It is grey with colored patches of fashionable items like lipstick, handbag, etc., and a bow at the waist to finish the look. It also features a chambray skirt which accentuates the grey material. The dress comes in different sizes so ensure you choose the right size to give your dog a perfect fit.
    • Versace Medusa Dog Raincoat: Indulge your puppy with this Medusa print raincoat. It comes in a mix of black and yellow color, has a strap for fastening it, and a hood for the head of the puppy.  The outer part of it is made from Polyester material, while the lining on the inside is made from cotton and spandex. The raincoat doesn’t just speak luxury and class, it also helps to protect your pet from the rain.


    Another accessory with which your dog can make a statement is a backpack and a fancy and stylish one, to be precise. Your dog gets to carry all that he needs ‘on the go’ in a classy and eye-catching way.

    • I’ll Take That To Go: This backpack is a Louis Vuitton-inspired backpack for dogs as it comes in the typical LV pattern. It can be used by both male and female dogs, and it has enough room to contain your dog's toys, treats, brushes, and any other thing your dog would like to carry about. Made from Polyurethane leather, this backpack is comfortable enough for your dog to wear and has an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit.