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Most dog owners consider their dogs their best friends and enjoy being with them. As doting pet parents, we would not mind spending all our time with our pets if we could, but sadly, this is not possible. The next best thing would be going out with our pooches as often as possible to places where dogs are allowed to come, and all dog owners can attest that it's similar to carrying a baby about.

Carrying your pooch about, especially if you are going a considerable distance, could be somewhat tiring if you are not equipped with the right accessories required to make such trips effortless. Below are some DIY accessories that would not only make your outings with your furry friend easier for you but will also make you look forward to the trips.


  1. Dog Bike Carrier

Going on a bike ride with your furry friend would be so much fun with a DIY bike carrier. It is cheap to make and can easily be customized to fit your dog and attach to your bike properly.


Bike carriers are mostly used for small pooches. Before using one, you should ensure that it meets your pet's needs perfectly. The dog bike carrier should be secure so that your pet will be safe in it. To secure it, you can use different items such as old car safety belts, or even your pet's leash. Also, the carrier should be comfortable enough for your pet to stay in throughout your outing.


  1. DIY Dog Travel Backpack

The size of your pooch often determines if you can carry the animal in a carrier backpack or not. For big pets that cannot fit into a carrier bag, a simple alternative is to create a small backpack that can fit onto the dog’s back. You can put things like treats and some of your pet's special toys in the bag for your outing. Not only is your dog happy to help out, but you have those things in the bag readily accessible when you need them.



  1. Dog Sling

Dog slings are worn across the chest. They usually have a compartment where the dog stays with his head sticking out, and a drawstring or a zipper to close the compartment and secure the animal. These items also have straps that go around your back and can be adjusted to fit the way you’d prefer.


When making a dog sling, the major thing to consider is the material you are going to use (a sturdy, breathable material would make a good sling) and the size you want (this is determined by the size of your dog). Dog slings are best used for going on errands, walks, and short trips.


  1. Recycled Tote Bag

Recycling products and waste has always been beneficial to the environment. It is no different when it comes to recycling dog food bags. Not only is it beneficial to the environment by reducing waste, but it also helps you save money. Your dog food bags can be sewn and converted into tote bags which you can use for carrying lightweight things like treats, toys, and other little things your pooch might need when y'all are heading out.


  1. Dog Stroller

Dog strollers come in handy when you do not feel up to using bag carriers or slings because they are heavy, or your pooch is too big to be carried. Also, a pet that is suffering from an illness, an injury, or a dog that finds it hard to keep up because of old age would require a stroller to go out with you. With a dog stroller, you get the option of pushing your pet while you walk behind. A DIY dog stroller can be made from a baby stroller to meet your pet's needs. It should be customized to fit your pooch, strong enough to take the animal's weight, and should be made with the comfort and safety of your dog in mind.



These baskets which you can make from fabrics can be used to keep toys, collars, leashes, and other stuff while on the go. Your fabric basket should be made from sturdy fabric so that it will be durable, and it should also be easy to wash.



Making proper plans for your dog while preparing for a journey or an outing together will save you a lot of potential inconveniences and will make the experience fun for both of you. Make some time to create any of the above accessories you might need, and I guarantee you a pleasant trip.