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We all love to have comfortable beds and have our spaces where we can go to relax. It is no different for our dogs and every dog deserves to have his own little comfortable place where he can go to rest. Have you got a Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, toy poodle, or any other small dog breed and want to create a cool space for your beloved pet? If so, this article is going to show you how to make a unique bed for small breeds using a wooden crate. 

The process is simple, fun, and rewarding, and your pet is totally going to love his new bed. Before you begin to make one, however, you need to consider some things. The first one is the size of your pet. Since the animal is small-sized, you do not need something too large and so a crate will be the perfect size to use. Also, consider how your pooch loves to lay down. Does he enjoy stretching out or lying curled up? 

To make this comfortable and cute bed for your small-sized pet, you will need the following tools:

  1. Wooden crate 
  2. Paint (Any color of your choice. You can also use more than one color )
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Pliers 
  5. Wood knobs or furniture glides (optional)
  6. Brush To paint the crate)
  7. Hammer 
  8. Wood glue
  9. Fabric or pillow.

Steps to making a unique bed for your small breed dog

  • The first thing that you should do is to remove the first two pieces of wood from the crate to create an open area from which your pet can easily climb into his bed. You can do this easily using the hammer to knock them off. 
  • Next, using the pliers, remove any nails or staples that are hanging out from where you removed the pieces of wood.
  • After that, use sandpaper to sand the surface of the entire crate and get rid of any dirt or dust that is on the crate. You are doing this to get it ready for painting so that the paint will adhere well to it.
  • Once the crate is ready for painting, use your paintbrush to paint it all over and then let it dry. You can even use more than one paint to create a design that appeals to you if you are feeling adventurous.
  • If you want, you can also personalize the bed by adding personal touches like your pet's name or designs such as bone or paw prints to the wood. To add your pet's name to the bed, use glue to stick wooden letters of your dog’s name to any part of the bed that you choose. Alternatively, you can use stencils to add both the designs and the name of your pet to the bed.
  • This step is optional, but it may help to protect your floors. You can use a drill to drill a hole in the bottom of the crate and then nail furniture glides to it, or you can glue wooden knobs to it.
  • Next, place the pillow in the crate or if you are using fabric, fold it up to form a comfortable base where your pooch will sit or lay.

Apart from using a crate to make a bed for your dog, there are other easy DIY dog beds that you can create for your little pet. You can create one out of so many household items. For instance, you can make a bed out of old tires in a few easy steps. All you need for these are a few tools such as a tire, paint, fabric, pillows, etc. 

Another dog bed idea is to use a sweatshirt to create a bed for your pooch. You can also make a bed out of old pillows, blankets, or you can even recycle old furniture. The best part about these DIY dog bed ideas is the fact that they are all relatively simple to make and are also very inexpensive, plus you can customize them in any way you want.

Just make sure that when you are making them, you take into cognizance the size of your pooch and make your measurements accordingly. 


Making a bed for your small breed dog is an easy task that will take you minimal time to complete. You can easily make and customize one that your pet will love a lot from a crate using the steps listed above.