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Our dogs are loyal and loving companions, and they deserve all the love and comfort that we can give them. However, there are times when we will need our own space, and so, it will not do to have our pets become so used to sharing our space. Apart from you wanting your space, no matter how much your pet enjoys cuddling or being around you, there are times when he will also want his own space. Besides, all dogs need a comfortable place to sleep when it is night or when they are tired. 

This is why it will not do to get just any bed for your pet if you want to purchase one. There are different factors that you need to consider before getting one so that you will be sure that you are buying something that will serve your pooch's needs. Factors that you need to consider before choosing a dog bed include:

  1. Large-sized or small-sized bed? This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when you want to buy a dog bed for your pooch and will depend on whether you have a small or large dog. Dog beds come in different sizes, but the seller will usually specify what size the one he/she is selling is. 

If you have a large-sized dog, then you will be better off going for one that is meant for large-sized dogs and vice versa. While you can get away with buying or making a bed that is a little too large for your pet, buying one that is too small will not be comfortable for the animal. It is always advisable to measure your pet from head to tail to see if his measurements will fit the dimensions of the product that you're buying.

  1. Beds with loose fillings or sturdy beds? Sturdy beds such as those made with PVC are recommended and are a better alternative to fabric beds with foam fillings if your pet is the type that loves to chew a lot. If you get a soft fabric bed with foam fillings and your dog ends up chewing through it, it will defeat the purpose of your buying it, plus there is always the risk of the animal ingesting some parts of what he tears off the bed. 

If you have a small pet who is not a chewer, however, you may purchase a fluffy bed for him, as young dogs generally prefer these types.

  1. Health issues: Some dogs suffer from some health issues that affect their lifestyles, and so, they will not be able to use the same types of beds that other dogs use without some pain or discomfort. If you have a pet that is suffering from health challenges like arthritis, or joint pain, orthopedic beds will offer more comfort to the animal than regular ones will.

  1. Your dog’s sleeping position: If you really want your pooch to be comfortable with his new bed, it will also be best to consider the sleeping position which your pet favors the most before purchasing a bed for him. Dogs that enjoy sleeping in a curled-up position will prefer to have nesting beds like donut beds.

Some pooches love to sleep on raised platforms where they can have a better view of what is going on around them. If you have such a dog, then you should get a raised dog bed for him. Covered beds like cave beds are perfect for those pooches that prefer to hide away when they sleep.

  1. Other comforts: There are other factors that you may want to consider for the maximum comfort of your pet. For instance, if you have a breed without much fur, you could consider getting a heated dog bed to help keep the animal warm, especially on cold nights. 

Elevated beds may provide more ventilation and will be better for pets with a lot of fur or bigger dogs that tend to get hot easily.


Getting a dog bed for your pooch is a necessity if you want your privacy, and you want your pet to have his own space where he can retreat to when he wants to do so. However, it is always a good idea to reflect on the factors above and decide which bed will suit your pet the most before getting one so that it will serve the purpose for which you bought it and your pet will be comfortable and happy with your choice.